So help me God.


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If you spend your day wondering and worrying about who will be the next president you are wasting your time. You are a willing participant in the GREAT DECEPTION. The Federal Government is corrupt. The Media is playing you for a sap. The media and the Federal Government are BOTH OWNED BY THE SAME CRIMINALS. The media lies to you. The Government lies to you. Stop falling for it!

The presidential race is a circus and the people who are heavily involved are the clowns. Those who don’t care at all are the animals taught to do tricks. They just jump through the hoop. Without thinking or questioning neither their own future, nor their present the apathetic masses blindly trudge on. Every day I get asked what I think of Trump or the presidential race in general. Because I don’t have time to educate the uneducated & brainwashed masses I usually respond with a brief response. He is not a conservative for example. I usually get the same responses ‘anybody but Hillary’….. In reality, the truth is; Trump is no better nor is he any worse than Hillary Criminal. At least Bernie, is upfront and declares he is a socialist. Why he is even considered for the highest office in the Executive Branch of the people’s Republic is further proof of our becoming a sheepdom. The vast majority of Americans are sheep. Sheep blindly follow their leader, NO MATTER WHERE IT LEADS. Once, when I was a teenager a neighbor called for me to come help her. Four of her sheep had walked into a corner in the barn and refused to back out. Sheep will do that. They follow blindly and refuse to listen to reason. Even a smack on the top of the head won’t change their behavior. The people of America have to stop being sheep and blindly following the next presidential candidate.

The next president of the United States will work for the same criminals that control Congress, the US Supreme Court and every governmental agency. Evil men own America including the Federal territories previously known as ‘States’ and their governors. There is a GREAT DECEPTION in America and until the people wake up to the truth and demand resolution it will continue.

Our Founding Fathers were well aware of this threat. Some even contributed to it. Whether knowingly or unknowingly is uncertain. In the Declaration of Independence, we as the People were instructed to monitor our government and to CONTROL OUR GOVERNMENT. The Federal Government is supposed to be controlled by the People NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. The People are the new Guards of America’s future. Not the next president. If you foolishly believe the next president will serve you better….. you have become a sheep. You have been deceived like many others; as I once was. I thought we had an honest but disengaged government. It was not until I began to be educated to the truth that I came to realize the magnitude of the GREAT DECEPTION and what it has done to our nation. The United States is moving one step closer to that cliff that leads to destruction. The BLIND LEADS THE BLIND. For now, the vast majority of Americans are blind to the truth of the GREAT DECEPTION. That HAS to change.

It will take a great leader, like my son pictured in the photo to restore our government. Mitchell will make a great leader one day. He has a remarkable knowledge of the truth. We need leaders like him. Leaders who must be God-fearing men of strong faith. King David said it best in 2 Samuel 23;

“He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”
First, we must share the truth that the Federal Government system is corrupt. Our God-given Rights must be restored and protected at all cost. Liberty comes at a price. Are you willing to pay it? Are you willing to become the NEW GUARD for America’s future as requested by our Founding Fathers? Will you now seek the truth and abide in the truth? Or will you continue to worry about the coming election? And who will become the next puppet of the GREAT DECEPTION.

Yes, I will vote. I will vote for the person I believe is the most God-Fearing conservative minded individual. Even if they have no chance of winning, I will not be one who votes for the LESSER OF TWO EVILS. I will also run for office. I am a candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of West Virginia. I will be on the ballot come November as a candidate on the Libertarian Party. A party that believes in liberty as every mountaineer should. Montani Semper Libertarian is our state motto. If you live in southern West Virginia and want to see a non-politician elected who knows what it takes to create jobs and will take on Washington corruption then I ask for your vote. My promise to you is “I will not get paid until 1000 jobs are created”. I will put my money where my mouth is………….refreshing isn’t it? And I will let the voters decide WHEN and IF I ever deserve to be paid.  Visit for more information.

The GREAT DECEPTION is over. It is about time for you to get involved. My dad fought for his country in WWII. My brother fought for his country in Vietnam. I will fight for my country in Washington. Where will you take your stand?


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