Declaration of Restoration

Declaration of Restoration

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for the People to reign in a fraudulent and tyrannical government the only path to restoration is by returning to the laws of God and Country. Our God-given true Constitution must be restored. This declaration is not rebellion against our government; our government has rebelled against the People. Restoration begins with the People demanding their government return to the consent of the People. It is our Right to abolish the fraudulent corrupt entity that resides in place of our government. The path to restoration can be found in these immortal words:

“…know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Our government has become corrupt, foreign controlled and irresponsible. Our government has abandoned the true Constitution of the People. IT IS TIME for the truth. Albert Einstein warns us of the real evil we face;

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

To the world we reveal a man of lawlessness, the president of the United States. The truth is painful to proclaim, but the evidence is overwhelming. For the ultimate power and corruption we endure today comes from the highest office in our land. The Executive branch of the people’s government was once held in splendor and esteem worldwide as an office of integrity. The Declaration of Restoration provides evidence to the contrary. The United States is a lawless territory controlled by an evil, tyrant who honors power more than duty.


This Declaration of Restoration is to the People of West Virginia whose Constitution holds true in time of peace and war, unaltered in times of necessity or emergency. As also does the Constitution of the United States of America. Those who would dare to abolish the Constitution and/or our state right commit treason and violate their Oath of Office. The power of the West Virginia Constitution upholding the US Constitution spreads to all fifty equal States. Our Federal Government is still held accountable to the Constitution and complete restoration is demanded. Fraud has been ongoing for many years in our land. However, it was not until March 1933 did we have a tyrant with the boldness to assume all power from the People. We have been wrongly and unconstitutionally enslaved and declared enemies of our own government. The Governors of all States shared in this usurpation of authority. The Governor of West Virginia, Herman Guy Kump specifically had no authority to violate both the State Constitution and the Constitution of the People of the United States.


Here we declare the need for restoration and the undersigned attest that the People demand that this destructive government be abolished and replaced with the Constitutional government. There has been a long train of abuses and usurpations and the time has come to throw off this fraudulent government. In this darkest hour it is time to provide new Guards for the future security. The People have patiently suffered in hopes the government would restore itself. However, it is now evident that the fraud in this government is now long established and the ‘state of emergency’ illegally declared has become permanent. We the People declare this corrupt fraudulent government null and void effective immediately. A new constitutional republic government will be restored.

Notice of grievances and lies are hereby declared. This list is not conclusive as this government has a long train of abuses and many more will be added to our cause.

Redress of Grievances

Know these truths:

On March 4, 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt took a presidential Oath to defend the Constitution. One day later, on March 5, 1933 he violated that Oath and the Constitution. The Federal Government lied to the People. The State Governors lied to the People. The president unconstitutionally abolished the Constitution declaring an act of necessity due to a banking crisis. This violated not only the West Virginia Constitution but the Constitution of the United States.

In 1933, FDR confiscated the private property of the People. He took the financial security of the People’s gold and gave it to elite bankers.

In 1933, the president gave corrupt International Bankers the wealth of the American People. The American People in return became enemies of this fraudulent government and unlawfully indebted for the national debts.

Beginning in 1933, the president assumed power and authority over all aspects of our nation. He abolished our constitutional rights, usurped Legislative Power from Congress and took control of the judicial branch of government. By declaring a ‘state of emergency’ the president assumed complete control. Furthering the long train of abuses endured since 1861 when Congress adjourned Sine Die.

No president since the national ‘state of emergency’ has relinquished this power by declaring the ‘state of emergency’ resolved. Lawlessness has continued in America since 1933.

Congress has been complicit with the fraudulent actions and abuses of authority. Members of Congress did not read the Act presented in March of 1933 having only 40 minutes to hear the reading. Congress has been passing important legislation, at the direction of the presidency, without reading it for at least 80 years. The president is in complete control and Congress has become merely middle level governmental managers. The voice of the People has been silenced since 1933. Members of Congress do not care about the People and they perpetuate a GREAT DECEPTION.

The War Powers Act of 1933 labeled YOU as an enemy. By amending the War Act of 1917, to include State Citizens we all became the enemy of this fraudulent and abusive government. With NO RIGHTS. If it were not for our God-given Right to own and bear arms we would have no liberty in America.

In 1933, you became Chattel property for the nations’ debt.

Beginning in 1933, this fraudulent government has created thousands of temporary federal agencies with the intent to end the ‘state of emergency’. These agencies are now permanent bureaucratic monstrosities and the ‘state of emergency’ continues.

Since 1933, Congress has NO AUTHORITY that does not come from the president.   Nor do they have the will to inform the public and end this GREAT DECEPTION upon the People.

Senate Report 93-549 states “These powers……would confer upon the President total authority to do anything he pleased.” Those powers were given to the office of the presidency in 1933.

The Federal Government is in a permanent ‘state of emergency’, yet they are doing nothing about it. Congress perpetuates this emergency without exposing the danger or abuse it has created. The People are continuously being deceived.

In 1933, the president separated the U.S. Currency from gold protection. Prior to 1933, currency was interchangeable with gold. The president, with his new unconstitutional authority made the US Currency fiat Federal Reserve Bank Notes. FDR did this to protect the privately owned Federal Reserve out of bankruptcy, NOT to protect the American People. Instead, he confiscated their gold and gave it to private individuals and corporations.

In 1933, the only serious attempt to expose the fraudulent government’s actions has never been acted upon by Congress. Congress could have investigated the charges of conspiracy, fraud, and treason but did not. It still could, however Congress has made no attempt in over eighty years.

Before 1933, the true original Constitution was violated when the United States became incorporated. The corporation which took the place of our legitimate government revised their own but similar version of the Constitution. You are no longer a party to this constitution.


In West Virginia the State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution are protected and remain valid. Article 1 Section 3 clearly states that during any plea of necessity or any other plea; such as ‘state of emergency’ the Constitution is still valid. West Virginians have reserved their constitutional rights against all forms of tyranny. The fraudulent Federal Government is in violation. Any departure is against good government. The Federal Government is against good government. The People of West Virginia have standing to demand this fraudulent governmental entity cease and sound constitutional government be restored.

“The provisions of the constitution of the United States, and of this state {West Virginia}, are operative alike in a period of war as in time of peace, and any departure there from, or violation thereof, under the plea of necessity, or any other plea, is subversive of good government, and tends to anarchy and despotism.”

Governor Herman Guy Kump and all succeeding governors, all members of congress since 1933 and all presidents beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt and the public servants working for the Federal Government have subversively departed from good government and established despotism in America.

The fraudulent Government includes all State Governments. Individual States have essentially become territories of the Federal Government. With the designation of ‘State of {state name}’ all State governments have become private corporations that no longer answer to the people. The STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, [Safe No US45984533] is a corporation with many other corporations down to the local level. Private Corporations do not look out for the common good of the People. Corporations are obligated to their shareholders only. Who are their shareholders and why is it not the People?

The War on Coal is an unlawful attack on the People and businesses in West Virginia and other coal mining states. It is a war on the economy of every American forcing higher energy costs and restricting the market access of more efficient energy sources. This is a direct threat to the National Security and deemed treason from both the State Government and the fraudulent Federal Government.

The Corporations of our fraudulent government include a vast number. West Virginia like all fifty States have numerous corporations operating as foreign entities on our soil. In fact, ALL public servants are employed by a private corporation and are Foreign Agents.

Foreign Agents working for corporations do not represent the People. Although most have been deceived into believing they do. The corporation charter is beholden to the shareholders. Smaller corporations are under the control of larger corporations. At the top a few elite Big Wigs control everything. Corruption is widespread from the local to the federal level. All the way to the lawless office of presidency. Along the way several elite individuals and groups get richer and gain more power as the People lose rights and their voice in a republic which no longer exists.

The American Bar Association is a co-conspirator in this great deception of evil. As is elitists like George Soros, and other foreigners. The fact that FOUR privately owned Big Banks have complete control over the U.S. financial sector is corruption and threatens the security of our country.

Law enforcement officers are restricted by ABA attorneys and corrupt foreign judges in providing justice. Judges who release dangerous criminals back into society as the ABA attorneys endanger the public with unconstitutional courts. Law enforcement officers are obstructed in serving the people to their ability. Law enforcement officers are not the blame; they are not aware of the crimes committed against them. Law enforcement officers are merely innocent pawns in a great evil deception. IT IS TIME to restore constitutional justice with the Law of God.

Active duty military personnel take an Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, not a fraudulent corporation posing as government. The long train of deception that has been placed upon our military is unacceptable and unconstitutional. Restoration of the Constitution is necessary for lawful civil authority over our military. Without the Constitution in force it is the responsibility of the military to remove the despotism in our government. The Declaration of Restoration calls upon the military to honor their oath and co-operate with our efforts to peacefully restore constitutional civil authority.

Under the current ‘state of emergency’ there is no lawful, civil or constitutional authority. All court appearances are voluntary. Worse, the courts are not constitutional courts since FDR suspended the Constitution in 1933. Courts in America are military/admiralty courts. Without the constitution, there Is no law only policy. Policy created by a fraudulent government.

Courtrooms operate under military jurisdiction specifically maritime (usually referred to as admiralty). The People may observe the smaller than regulation gold trimmed American flag which signifies military rule. The Gold trimmed flag represents federal control under the authority of the Commander in Chief. With the Constitution suspended our rights are fraudulently restricted in courtrooms all across America.

Constitutional Law does not apply in these courts. The government has lied to the America People. Attorneys are agents of the court and can only use the process allowed by the court. Law schools teach admiralty law. Some don’t even know that being a Bar (American Bar Association) member is being an agent of an emergency power court. Accepting an attorney is considered accepting the jurisdiction of the court.

Courts operating under admiralty law do what they want. The judge is the master. There are different sets of rules; one for the People which is strict. And another set of rules for the politicians, corporate CEO’s and Big Wig Bankers that are very lenient. Their corruption never receives the justice intended in the courts under constitutional law.

The U.S. Constitution is not considered valid in the courtroom. According to Army Regulations (AR 840-10, October 1, 1979) “The Flag is trimmed on three sides with fringe of Gold, 2.5 inches wide” and “such flags are flown indoors, only in military courtrooms.”


The Buck Act of 1940 added to executive actions previously taken. This Act cleverly allowed the federal government to entirely circumvent the U.S. Constitution. This caused the sovereign States to become federal territorial jurisdiction bringing all Americans under complete admiralty/military jurisdiction of law. Since then the military flag appears beside or in place of the State flag. It is openly displayed in courts, churches and other prominent locations. In West Virginia as most states across America this flag is prominently displayed in the Office of the Governor and the Legislature. The Gold Trim is evidence of the authority of the federal government and more specifically the president as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

If good government is not soon established Martial Rule which we now live under will become Marital Law. Under Martial Law, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. Once established the powers of tyranny will not relinquish without bloodshed. The People must act now peacefully and lawfully to end this GREAT DECEPTION. Martial Law is imminent with the influx of evil into our country without intervention as evidenced in France and other nations.

Article IV Section 3 of the Constitution (if not suspended) forbids new states from being formed within the jurisdiction of any state. However, in America judges of both Federal and State Courts have created foreign ‘enclaves’ or micro-states within public courthouses under a military flag that clearly violates this section of the constitution.   Justification comes from their fraudulent claim that West Virginia and all other states being ‘federal territories’ instead of sovereign States.

Commerce is regulated and restricted under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which is controlled by an elite group of American Bar Association attorneys who have complete control. Individual states operate under the authority of this code.

Our government is in a despotic ‘state of emergency’ with ALL power held by the president. Our republic form of government no longer exists. However, it gets even worse than having one person ‘king’ over America. The presidency is controlled by foreign interests. He does not answer to the People. He doesn’t even answer to himself. He answers to an elite group of self-serving powerful and very wealthy individuals.

The eight largest US financial companies are 100% controlled by a handful of wealthy shareholders. JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, US Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon and Morgan Stanley are all controlled by the SAME PEOPLE. This giant conspiracy controls the vast majority of corporations in America. Four companies are always present in all decisions: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity. The twelve Federal Reserve banks are represented by a board of 7 people who represent the BIG WIG 4. In other words, the Federal Reserve is completely controlled by 4 large private companies.

Bad government leads to despotism. Our National Security is at risk under this fraudulent government. Russian submarines have traveled dangerously close to our Strategic Nuclear Submarine base in Georgia UNDETECTED. The submarines were undetected due to reduced security measures by the president. Lost submarines that carry nuclear warheads and long range nuclear cruise missiles are a very real threat to our security.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) said in regard to this gross threat to our national security, “It is a confounding situation arising from a lack of leadership…..Putin is actively working against American interests……… in our own backyard. Sending a nuclear-propelled submarine into the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean region…..demonstrating that Russia is still a player on the world’s political-military stage.” (Washington Free Beacon)

Congress ended our sovereignty in 1945 turning every public office over to the United Nations. From your local government to the president, all offices fall under the UN jurisdiction under the International Organization Immunities Act of 12-9-1945. The Act by Congress gave the UN the right to dictate what laws will be international and the right to tax the States.

All public offices are under UN jurisdiction and many office-holders are no longer considered American citizens. They must relinquish their citizenship and become Foreign Agents. Most do not even realize it! (Title 22 USC Ch 11 section 611, Title 5 USC 331, 332, 333, Title 22 CFR, etc)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is NOT a government agency; it is a private corporation, Incorporated in Delaware in 1933. The Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service, Inc. is a private corporation serving foreign interests. The Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 made IRS employees agents of a Foreign Principle. The IRS is also an agent of the International Criminal Police Organization. IRS is trained under direction of the Division of Human Resources (UN) and is under the direction of the United Nations.

The IRS Corporation was created with 200 shares in private ownership. It is not a public company. The income taxes we pay go to the shareholders or to other individuals not to a constitutional government. President Ronald Reagan exposed the IRS as fraudulent in the Grace Commission Report. He found that 100% of our income taxes go to corrupt bankers and a few select elite individuals. The IRS is a fraudulent, abusive and destructive entity in violation of our constitution.

The Commander in Chief has centralized domestic military control under FEMA. Which controls the National Guards, police, firemen, highway patrol, state marshalls and county sheriffs. They have all been ‘federalized’ as an occupying force over the people for the Martial Rule of the Federal Government.

The Montevideo Treaty of 1933 took away State Rights. Congress through this treaty placed the 50 States under International Law. This fraudulently violated the Constitution, but Congress did not stop there. In 1980, another Constitution was confirmed by the president and members of congress. The ‘Constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’ created a ‘new international economic order’. {Senate Treaty 97-19, 97th Congress, 1st Session}

December 3, 1967 Senate Record 93-549 p186 in regard to the ‘agreement’ regarding the United Nations HeadQuarters it is recorded as a ‘declaration of war upon the American people’ and this would create a ‘dictatorship over finance in the United States’. The presence of the United Nations on our soil is a direct threat to our sovereignty.

Currently this fraudulent government is allowing our country to be flooded with undocumented illegal immigrants. This is a massive potentially dangerous invading army. Our National Security is greatly threatened while the Foreign Agents posing as members of Congress and the President encourage it. Because of the national ‘state of emergency’ powers the president is in complete control and is committing treason by aiding and abetting the enemy. The fraudulent power grab of 1933 which has continued until today is a violation of the Oath of Office to defend the People against all enemies, domestic and foreign. This is not good government and will lead to despotism if not abated.

This fraudulent corporate entity posing as the American Government is really a Foreign Agent providing services at our expense for their foreign owners. The Social Security Program, for instance was mandated by the International Labor Organizations Treaty of 1935. America was forced to create a massive entitlement program in August of that year. Our nation’s sovereignty was handed over to Foreign interests without the consent of the governed.

Today this fraudulent government only uses the Constitution as a political weapon. They will honor it when it suits THEIR interests, ignore it when it doesn’t. This charade is a deception on the American People and does NOT reflect good government.

Not ALL Americans are even represented in the Election Voting System. A great injustice is incurred on our active duty military personnel. Less than 5% of the ballots cast by those who have their life on the line defending our freedom have their vote counted (Whistleblower, July 2015). Over 2 million Americans are not having their voice heard through the fraudulent governments voting system.

The entire electronic Voting System has only minimal security. Voting machines are extremely easy to hack. So easy that mere amateurs can breach the system. Destructive hackers or corrupt politicians can easily change the results to suit their agenda. With electronic voting NO ELECTION IS SECURE. The lack of accountability of accuracy is a trait of despotism and must be restored immediately.

As the despotism expands, Americans are being classified as terrorists if they oppose this evil tyrannical government. The People have the Right and obligation to prevent the destruction of our Country and to restore the laws of God.

Law in America is based on the people’s Constitution. Without it true law does not exist, only lawlessness remains. The president of the United States has become a lawless office.





Be it known from sea to shining sea that beginning today, the 23rd day of October, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Fifteen; We the People proclaim this fraudulent, abusive and destructive corporate entity; to be altered to a constitutional government of the People. Be it known to all people that we together declare the restoration of the united States of America and the constitution by the governed. Our Republic is to be restored with the laws of God and Country. Liberty begins today. Despotism and the long train of abusive government will end. We sign the Declaration of Restoration to end the perversion of our government.

“We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

The only path to restoration is by returning to the laws of God and terminating the perpetual ‘state of emergency’ declared by this fraudulent government. Tyranny in America by foreign agents will continue until the national emergency is canceled and the sovereignty of our nation is restored. The people who sign this Declaration of Restoration proclaim to those in default cease and re-institute allegiance to the true Constitution. Our voice will be heard as the governed and we hereby terminate our consent to your fraudulent corporate entity. We hold these truths to be self-evident that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable Rights and demand restoration of Government that defends those Rights without intrusion.

Until now, ignorance has been a defense. However, the truth has now been revealed. Ignorance is no longer a defense to those who rebel against good government. The time has come for this GREAT DECEPTION to end. The military is now to honor the civil authority of the Constitution of the united States of America which will be established in place of the fraudulent corporate entity now in default. This false government is now under abatement. Those who oppose the restoration of Constitutional government will be tried for treason.

The list of truths exposing the lies is not exhaustive and will be expanded. The People will know the truth and the truth will set us free.

We the People undersigned declare and absolve all People from the debts, obligations, and liabilities of the fraudulent corporate entity posing as government. Retribution to each resident of each American State is to be paid from the assets of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and/or Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service, Inc., in the amount of One Million Dollars per individual. Retribution to every man, woman and child living as of October 23, 2015 in their state of residence; is now due and payable in U.S. Treasury Dollars (not Federal Reserve Notes).

We the People of West Virginia declare the Constitution of the united States in full force and now the supreme law of the land. Constitutional government is restored.

All Public Officials are to abate their Foreign Agent status, renounce their allegiance to the foreign corporations and to declare Oath of Office to the true Constitution. Swearing in of all Public Officials must be accomplished within 30 days or their position will be vacated. Constitutionally compliant State Officials will replace those who refuse with People who have the character and integrity required to serve the People in the capacity of the office.

The Armed Forces of the U.S. Military are instructed to honor their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic under the authority of lawful civil authority. In the absence of which, refrain from following unlawful orders that violate the Constitutional Rights of the People. To stand down, against any peoples who defend the constitution with peaceful actions as is our duty proclaimed by the Founding Fathers in our Declaration of Independence and other founding documents.

Members of a Constitutional complaint Congress will select a replacement for the Executive Branch who will terminate the ‘state of emergency’ and restore the Constitution as the highest law in the land. Only the Law of God will supersede man’s law. This Declaration of Restoration will be the end of lawlessness.

Those undersigned pledge to peacefully and lawfully take action to restore the constitution, good government and the laws of God. Commencing on the 23rd day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Fifteen and continuing until the powers of evil and lawlessness have been removed and good government restored.

We the undersigned ARE the People, we are the new guard for our constitution and we declare Restoration of the United States of America from the evils of tyranny;


Dr. Zane R. Lawhorn,
New Guard Patriot








Visit: to sign. Names withheld in private until presentment. {The ratification of the official Declaration of Restoration will be by a constitutionally compliant convention of the people from all states. This version is presented as a temporary guide to Liberty.}