Attorney General confirms the TRUTH

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U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch confirms the truth that the president has too much power.

In an article dated January 21st, entitled ‘Lynch:  Congress gave Obama Right to Dictate Gun Control’ the attorney general reveals the truth about our fraudulent and un-Constitutional government.  Obama who should be better known as President Evil is a dictator!

The Truth Coalition has been sharing the truth for a few months now.  But now even the corrupt government is confirming what People need to know.  Our government is out of control and needs to be ‘altered’ as our Founding Fathers stated was our Right and Duty.  Congress gave their power and authority over to the presidency in a ‘state of emergency’.  Power once given will be hard fought to retrieve.  Congress is now a charade, a mere ghost image of what it is supposed to be.

I know it is hard to believe how evil and corrupt the Federal Government has become.  The American People are under a GREAT DECEPTION.  Fortunately, it is not too late.  The People can still restore our Constitutional government peacefully and lawfully.  An armed revolution is not yet required.  Our Second Amendment right to resist tyranny should only be used judiciously when all other avenues of restoration have failed.

Lynch told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the president “definitely has the legal right to use his executive authorities to enact gun control” and that “Congress itself had previously given him that ability.”  Now, they are openly defiant of the Constitution and the will of the people!  That is EXACTLY what the truth is.  Congress did give their power to the presidency.  Congress gave away the power and authority entrusted to them by the People of America.  They gave it away.  It was not taken.  It was not stolen although deceit was involved.  No, they gave it away.

If this makes you mad then join the Truth Coalition and get others to join.  Share this truth with others to wake them up to the deception.  Become a local leader in the Truth Coalition.  Take action and do your DUTY to restore our constitution as the authority in government.

If this does not make you mad then you deserve every bit of the destruction that will befall our nation.  For if we fail, the United States of America will cease to exist and join the multitude of nations who no longer exist.  Even now, the destruction is at our door.  A global economic collapse is spreading.  Only those who are prepared will survive.  The Truth Coalition has taken steps to minimize the impact on America.  However, the time to act grows short.  Decide now whether you will become the New Guard for America’s future or be part of it’s destruction.

As Lynch states the president has the right to dictate gun control or anything else he wants.  When he comes for our guns, there won’t be any choice but bloodshed.   Let’s pray to God Almighty that the People wake up and do their duty to lawfully and peacefully end the long train of abuses that has ended us in despotism.

2 thoughts on Attorney General confirms the TRUTH

  • Truth Coalition January 26, 2016

    The possibility of bloodshed is great, I understand that. And the need may arise if other avenues are not successful. Thank you for being the new Guard for America’s future. We will prevail, failure is not an option……

  • Hunter24740 January 26, 2016

    While much of the information you have shared is new to me some I have discovered on my own in the past 8 years. I have investigated and researched much of this information and found it to be accurate. While I agree with what you are saying is the problem I am unsure your approach will be able to stop this Illegal government. I see a war coming that will be a brutal as our previous civil war. Many will be lost and our country could be lost as well. I will spread these truths as far and wide as I can . When the call to arms is made I will answer. I do hope we can regain control of our country without any violence or bloodshed. If the sacrifice of just one person would make this possible I would gladly step forward and make that sacrifice myself.

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