10 truths of grievance

1. The Federal Government is in a fraudulent, ‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’ giving ALL POWER to the PRESIDENT.

2. This fraudulent government SUSPENDED THE CONSTITUTION without the consent of “We The People”.

3. This fraudulent government declared the People ENEMIES while welcoming Islamic terrorists.

4. This fraudulent government is owned by BIG BANKERS and wealthy people who do not care about America.

5. The President has ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY with no checks and balances.

6. Congress is a charade with no real power and DO NOT SERVE THE PEOPLE.

7. The Court system is a MILITARY COURT not a Constitutional Court of Law.

8. Every State is occupied FEDERAL TERRITORY. In direct violation of the Constitution and State Rights.

9. Private individuals own the FEDERAL RESERVE, the 8 LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS in America and the corporate government controlling them through the UNITED NATIONS.

10. The Federal Government wants to EXTERMINATE CHRISTIANITY in America.



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